Want to get something special for a Tippit teacher or staff member? Here are some of their favorite things!

Name  Favorite
coffee and drink
sweet treat and snack
gift cards
What do you like to do in your free time?
Mrs. Berte Peach Tea Lindt Milk Chocolate TJ Max Work with beads
Amanda Blackstone Hot Chocolate, Cherry Coke Whatever! Whataburger, Bath and Body Works Play my flute, read, yoga, camp
Robin Blankenship Sonic Sweet Tea/McAllister's Sweet Tea Chocolate Salted Caramel/Chocolate Chip Cookies Starbucks Watch movies
Shelby Blaydes Cinnamon Dulce Latte and Dr. Pepper Gummi Bears and anything spicy Michaels, Target cook, create art, play with my daughter
Tracy Brantley Caramel Frappuccino Light Blended and Diet Vanilla Dr. Pepper at Sonic fruits (all kinds) and snickers amazon, academy, any restaurants spend time with family, swim, hike, movies, read
Marci Brown Rt 44 Diet Dr. Pepper, White chocolate mocha with almond milk from Starbucks White chocolate macadamia nut cookies and sugar cookies. Optavia snacks Bath and Body Works, Target,Hobby Lobby Swim, work out, play with my kids, create art
Ashley Brown Sweet tea or Dr. Pepper Fruit or Chocolate Target I enjoy being outside. Going for walks and spending time with my husband and 11 month old daughter
Emily Curtis No soda. Iced coffee with 2 pumps caramel or a pumpkin cream cold brew...mmmmm RR donuts, reeses pb cups 309, Starbucks, Lark and Owl Read, watch tv, puzzles, camp
Jessica Deiss pumpkin spice; dr pepper; sweet tea half and half sour patch kids, twizzlers, popcorn no preference sleep, read
Shelby Edmondson Caramel macchiato/ Dr. Pepper/ Cherry Limeade Ice cream/ hot cheetos Amazon/ Etsy/ Starbucks Craft/ Read/ Netflix
Hannah Golden Starbucks iced coffee & diet cook Dark chocolate & cheez its Starbucks or target Spend time outdoors on the lake or readinf
Amy Gray White choc mocha w/almond milk, McAlister's Unsweet tea w/Lemon Almonds/pistachios chocolate Ulta, Target Anything horse related, lake related, read
Christine Hill Cold Brew w/ Soy Milk or Dr. Pepper Rice Krispy Treat Target Puzzles, games, crochet, reading
Jennifer Hughes Diet coke Dark Chocolate, Chips and dip Amazon  
Rose Kemper cold brew with heavy cream and diet dr. pepper brownies and kettle corn popcorn target outside,
Brooke Klickman Java Chip - Strawberry Limeade Cheese Cake or Carrot Cake - Cheeze its Amazon Workout or work in my yard
Sarah Martin Favorite coffee--black medium roast or Americano with light splash cream. Fave drink=water or gingerale Dark chocolate or Dark chocolate pretzels Target, Starbucks, book stores read, hike, travel (when we are able), wine tasting :)
Leslie Odiorne Coffee with lots of creamer & Cherry Limeade Slush anything chocolate (no nuts) & cashews/nuts Sonic, Ross, Star Bucks Home Improvement projects
Suzanne Payne Vanilla bean coffee Laura bars blueberry tjmaxx bike, sing and do yoga
Cam Pearce Starbucks and sonic Chocolate and Lays BBQs HEB Art and Pickle Ball
Tori Potocny-Krider cold brew with a splash of vanilla sweet cream - cherry coke chocolate - nacho cheese doritos Starbucks or Lark & Owl Read!!!
Rachael Robertson Skinny vanilla latte Anything dark chocolate and healthy popcorn Amazon Run, read, relax
Melinda Salyer Sonic Cherry Lime drink Reece's pb cups or White cheddar Popcorn Chick fil-a or Panera Read, visit with friends, swim, watch sports, eat out
Elsa Samara Leon Any ice sweet coffee and Strawberry limeade or Cherry coke spicy chips, pretzels and gummy candy TJ Maxx or Target spend more time with my kids or read a good book
Kate Smiley don't like coffee & dr. pepper is my favorite chocolate and chips walmart, heb, sonic, amazon, itunes read

Last updated 09/17/2020

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