Listed below are the current opportunities to help our great school and the Tippit PTA. If you need more information about any of these opportunities, please contact Shelley McDaniel.

  • Monthly Treats for Teachers/Staff: We need volunteers who can help coordinate and/or provide monthly snacks and treats for our teachers and staff. You can pick a month that works for you! These are great opportunities for people who like to have fun with themes. Or if you want to support the school but have limited time, you can also help by donating food/supplies. Sign up here to help out.
  • Tippit Bingo Night Committee: We are looking to help plan and support the Tippit Bingo Night that is scheduled for December 1. This is a great opportunity for people who love to plan, have fun, and may want to get to know other parents. If you are interested in being a part of this fun event, please contact Shelley McDaniel.
  • Open PTA Chair Positions: We are looking for people to fill some open Tippit PTA Chair positions. These are not highly labor intensive and you will be part of and supported by the PTA board members and other volunteers. If you are interested, please contact Tania Easton.
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