Thank you for your interest in helping Tippit PTA and the Tippit Community. We will need volunteers and mentors throughout the year, so we appreciate your support!
Volunteering can be as simple as helping provide snacks for our Teachers and Staff, to helping out on campus with various classes and events at the school. Meanwhile, our mentors spend one-on-one time with a student to help make a significant positive impact on a student’s life.

Steps to Become a Volunteer at Tippit

STEP 1: Create/update your profile in the GISD's MVPS systemAll adults who wish to volunteer on GISD campuses must first create a profile in GISD's MVPS system* and complete a criminal background check. If you receive your background check approval email, you do not need to complete the Mentor Agreement or the Mentor Application Details.
STEP 2: Sign up to be a Volunteer/Mentor at Tippit. This will allow us to contact you as new Tippit volunteer opportunities become available throughout the year.

Volunteer Opportunities at Tippit

Open PTA Chair Positions - We are looking for people to fill some open Tippit PTA Chair positions for this school year. These positions provide a great opportunity to use your experience and/or interests to help lead various projects by the Tippit PTA.

Current Volunteer Opportunities These are our current volunteer needs.

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